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Word Search Colorful+Unlimited


Welcome to the best application of word puzzle game for Android:1.- There are 25 items/categories to choose from:- Animals- Body Parts- Capital Cities- Buildings- Business- Cats- Dogs- Birds- Clothing- Country names- Doctror / Medical Terms- Emotions- Flowers- Foods- House- Jobs- Kitchen- Military- Music- Science- Seasons- Sport- Vegetables- Fruits- Vehicles2.- There are two game modes- Classical word search- Blitz Mode (Surival mode, 60 seconds counting down and gain +10 seconds for each word you found)
3.- Has three levels of difficulty:- Easy- Medium- Difficult
5.- Available in many languages:- English- Turkish- Spanish- Italian- French- Portuguese- Russian- German- Finnish- French- Azzerbaijanese- Polish- Indonesian- Catalan
6.- Eight different colorful themes- Red Theme (Default)- Green- Navy- Blue- Amethyst- Pumpkin- Concrete
The board fits the your phones or tablets screen size. Different designs for phones and tablesFind the hidden words to find and are marked with different colors. If you want to see your favourite color, pick your color and start to play
Complete the game quickly as much as you can. All categories, game modes and game levels have their own scores. You can challange with your friends. Your score will save automatically in google play services, and you are able to know your position.
Moreover, for all compete on equal terms, regardless of the size of your smartphone / tablet, a list of different records depending on the number of cells of the board is established.
You will never ever finish the game, when you restart, new board with new words will be generated.
SUPPORT US - We are open to have new wordlists and languages. If you can provide us a dictionary in any language, we will able to add to game.